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Around 1,500 years ago, Farom was the most prosperous area of Kunalasi. This great prosperity was due to its rich resources and high quality goods. Its resources come from the Coldridge Mountains which contains the Night Forest with its abundant minerals and the Roland Valley with its many plants and herbs. Knowing this, a large number of dwarven craftsmen and powerful alchemists soon came to collect the various rare materials and open up their own shops. Farom soon became a hub for rare weapons, armor, medicine and magic scrolls. In time this attracted many traders, adventures, Elves skilled in magic items, and opportunistic Goblins skilled in Steam Technology. Farom was a very open society which welcomed all races and people, and was a model for the rest of the world. However the good times cannot last forever and a darkness was rising.

To increase its prestige further, Farom welcomed powerful mages by spend large amounts of financial resources to create the Mage Guild and Research Institute. Royal titles were even conferred to the most outstanding mages in order to win them over. These actions angered the Knights of the Silverwing Order. In the eyes of this conservative and old-fashioned order of knights and priests, the mages were a group of blasphemous heretics. Time and again, their feelings caused conflict to arise between the Silverwing Order and the Mage Guild. However, the favor held by the mages with the Grand Duchy of Farom has shielded them from harm, and they were eventually able to establish an assembly known as the Arcane Council at court to participate in government.

As the importance of the Arcane Council grew at court, their behavior slowly transformed from humble to domineering. Friction between themselves and others earned them even more enemies. Whether it be the horned people of the plains, the elves of the forest, the dwarves of the northern mountains, or even the wily goblins who never interfere with disputes, the people of Kunalasi are all having a hard time dealing with Arcane Council.

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