Dragon Born is Koramgame‘s newest fantasy ARPG massive multiplayer online browser game. It is a product of 2 years of independent research and development which involves beautiful 2D scenes with vivid 3D characters. It also contains dozens of epic suits of armor, intense combat that is almost lifelike, and game play that is ultra smooth.
Dragon Born has a full-screen effect that is comparable to the most popular 3D client based games. Every minute detail has been polished and the in-game systems make a fun yet challenging, and leave you with a huge world to explore. The best part is, it’s Free to play!

  • Soldier
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Ranger

Good at close combat.Their strong physique makes them a shield for other teammates.

Soldiers have powerful attacks that come in short bursts.Good at close combat.

Class SkillsClass Equipment
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